8 Questions For Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths are making a comeback and are a fun addition to any party, wedding or other event you feel needs it. Guests can have fun making candid shots or even more serious ones but how do you know a photo booth is the right decision for your party?

1. Why would I need a booth if I have a photographer?

Photographers are a great thing to have for your event. They capture special memories on your special day but they don’t stay around for the entire event. At a wedding the photographer will usually stay around for the couple’s first dance and then they are done. With a photo booth guests can add to the memories of your night without the photographer.

2. How does a photo booth work?

Nothing is easier to use than a photo booth to take pictures. All you have to do is stand in front and follow the prompts on the screen. Before you know it you’ll have your pictures to remember the momentous occasion by. Depending on which company you use, the pictures will either be printed automatically or stored on a usb for later.

3. How early do I need to book a photo booth?

As early as possible. Availability will probably fill up fast as the photo booth becomes more popular. Check with the company to see what they recommend as photo both rentals. Also take note that there may be a deposit required to hold the booth for your event.

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4. How many photos can be taken?

It’s really up to you. There is no limit so take as many pictures as you want and with no cost to the guests this will be an easy thing to do. So grab as many friends as you can, usually a booth will fit up to ten people, and start making memories.

5. What is the difference between the booths today and the old-fashioned ones?

The photo booths now are versatile. They have a privacy curtain as well as open-air style so you can be as creative as possible. The compact designs available allow for quick set-up and tear-down with minimal impact for guests. The older booths require equipment to move which will no doubt impact the guests. The sleek design of these new style photo booths blend in with any type of event.

6. Is there an attendant for the photo booth?

An attendant will be onsite to ensure everything runs smoothly and your guests get the most out of what the booth can offer.

7. Where is the best photo booth rentals at my event?

The best location is in a high traffic area so everyone will have a chance to walk by and be more inclined to go inside.

8. Can we add curtains to the photo booth?

Most places will include black or white curtains. Others will have colored curtains you can add as well at your request. These may have an additional cost to them but will certainly add some variety to your photo booth.

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