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The use of a photo booth can be dated as far back as 1925 when the first photo booth was developed by Anatol Josepho, a Siberian immigrant. They were popular in World War II when the soldiers and loved ones used it as a way to exchange photos with each other. They became less popular after a while when the polaroid camera were developed but are now making a come-back and used for many different occasions as their design have made them more manageable and easily transported.Wedding photo booths are becoming a big hit along with many other special event photo booths.

What is the Open Concept Booth?

The open concept photo booth is as the name suggests “open”. With this new style of the booth there is no enclosed curtained enclosure. The new design means that there is a curtain dropped from a professional stand to create a backdrop and persons can stand in front of the camera and take their pictures. There are many photo booth rental NYC which showcases this new style of the use of a photo booth.

Traditional Photo Booth VS Open Concept Photo Booth

With the new evolution in photo booths in style and function there are many differences with the traditional photo booth.The traditional photo booth design could only hold a maximum of 2-3 people however the open concept photo booth can hold as much as 10 people or more.Traditional photo booths weighed hundreds of pounds and were virtually too difficult to be readily mobile, however the design of the new open concept booth allows for easy mobility.The open concept photo booth is basically a rental from any of the available photo booth rental NJ but traditional photo booths were at a cost to each individual user.Traditional photo booth presented to way of customization as they came with pre-programmed backgrounds and graphics but the new open concept booths can be customized with different backdrops suitable for the specific event. The open concept photo booth prints the picture results in a much faster time than the traditional photo booth. As it relates to the pictures the open concept provides more than just a strip of the photos as some rentals come with a DVD option or the pictures are also stored online for unlimited reprints.

Sleek Designs

In many of the modern open photo booths persons will find unusual designs in photo booth module that holds the printer, camera and computer. One such company is Raleigh which designs their modules which lights up and changes colour. They call their modules pieces of art which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.Wedding photo booths are just one of the many packages that Raleigh offers.

Technology has had a positive impact on the use of photo booths. Some persons may have loved the first photo booth or the old way of using them but who doesn’t want variety, speed and affordability in a photo booth whether they are hiring wedding photo booths, birthday photo booths or for any other special occasion.

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